Daddy and Daughter   |   May 24, 2017

We were invited to Hannah Price’s high school graduation and my niece’s graduation from kindergarten. It was a fun evening catching up with old friends and enjoying the skit the kids put on. After the ceremony we had some fun, ate dinner, and had cake for dessert.

A zucchini in our little garden. We have quite a nice garden this year thanks to all of Nessa’s hard work fertilizing the soil.

I couldn’t believe the picture below turned out to be over 15 megabytes in its original format. Most of my pictures are around 5. I suppose it’s so big because of the constantly switching colors on each leaf. Sometimes the most mundane picture is huge. Beware if you click on it you should be prepared to wait unless you have great bandwidth.

We’ve been helping my parents get rid of the underbrush in the patch of trees they have in front of their house. If you’re reading this and you know where it’s at, feel free to drop by my parents house and help move some underbrush. We should be back at it this Saturday and we’re only about half way done. 🙂 Many hands make light work!

Oh and as a bonus there’s snakes in the brush too.

This past Monday Carlie and I went out on our first daddy-daughter date. It was great fun! We went to McDonald’s and enjoyed some ice cream and spent the rest of the evening enjoying the Milton boardwalk. Man I love that girl! I couldn’t ask for a better daughter.