France Park, Indiana   |   June 30, 2017

We’ve been planning and anticipating this vacation for a few months now and it’s finally here. This vacation is going to be a bit different than the last two we took since we’re visiting with a few of our old friends instead of simply sightseeing.

First stop, France Park in Indiana to visit with the Alexander family in Logansport, Indiana. It was so good to see them and their little church. We were able to stay for both Sunday services and visit with them both Sunday and Monday. Their church is great and I really like the spirit of the place. The Lord has really blessed them and it’s so good to see how well they’re doing as a family.

Next up was Winona Lake, Indiana to visit Leah Hadley and family. As an added bonus we were able to visit and tour Hephzibah House a home for troubled teen girls. We also were able to attend the church associated with Hephzibah. Both the churches that Ness and I grew up in supported Hephzibah House. My church in Florida supported them ever since I can remember so it was nice to finally get to see the ministry here in Winona Lake.

I’ve got to say that Winona Lake isn’t the town that I pictured when prayer letters were read from Hephzibah House. Winona Lake, Indiana is a beautiful town with hardly what we would refer to in Milton as a redneck anywhere. It’s quite an upscale town with a nice park on the huge lake. We took a walk to the park and played. There’s a swimming area in the lake with a splash pad nearby. Then there’s all these cute little shops to eat at. We stopped and ate ice cream after playing at the park one morning.

It’s been a great trip so far and were looking forward to some good times ahead as we continue our great American journey.

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  1. Matt says:

    Next to last picture…love the jealously bored woman in the background, enviously watching the kids eat their icecream. haha

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