1880 Train   |   July 26, 2017

For Donnie’s 3rd birthday we took train ride from Hill City, SD to Keystone, SD. It was about an hour ride each way and we were able to sit back and enjoy some of the Black Hills scenery.

Donnie’s looking a bit tired. He fell asleep on the ride from Wind Cave NP to the train station and woke up just in time to get on the train.

I’d say we put a hurting on that cake. We didn’t have any way to refrigerate it so the rest was thrown away but we ate most of it.

Later that evening Donnie was playing hide and seek with Carlie and ran into a tree where a branch had broken off creating a sharp point. We were so thankful it wasn’t any closer to his eye. Mommy put some Neosporin on it and we called it good.