Badlands National Park   |   July 15, 2017

From Great Grandma’s we stopped in Badlands National Park. It was hot! We live in Florida and we know hot but this was another level of hot. It was a dry heat so it felt better once you stepped in the shade but with temperatures of 108 it really felt hot no matter what. The sun was intense. It felt like it would blister your skin within a minute. We spent many of the hot hours either driving through the park, in the visitor’s center, or in the lodge.

It was hot, however, as soon as the sun went down we needed to break out the hoodies we brought. It cooled down immediately as the sun went behind the hills.

Each evening through the summer there’s an evening ranger talk in a park amphitheater. This particular talk was all about bison.

The ranger talk was interesting and enjoyable but we had a thirty mile drive across the Badlands in the dark back to our campsite. About a third of the drive was on a gravel road and I think all of the bison in the park were on the road. It was ten miles of waiting for the buffalo to move out of our path. The whole time we were nervous one of them was going to charge and ram our car.

After leaving the Badlands we made a quick visit to Wall Drug.