Crazy Horse   |   July 19, 2017

After leaving the Badlands we headed for Custer State Park in the Black Hills. Within minutes of finding our campsite a hail storm came through. We waited in the car for about twenty minutes and other than one small shower right after we set up out tent the weather was nice for the rest of our stay.

The day after we arrived we visited Crazy Horse and Mount Rushmore both of which can be toured in a day being only 15 minutes apart.

Crazy Horse is a huge monument. Just the face of the Indian is 87 feet tall compared to Mount Rushmore’s 60 feet. There’s an impressive story behind the monument as well. It’s one Indian’s dream to create a university and monument representing all North American Indians. When finished the monument will stand 563 feet tall.

We did some swimming in Sylvan Lake where we were camping though at more than 6000 feet it was a touch cold.