The Sidewalk and Eclipse   |   August 23, 2017

The month of August has slipped by already and we are all looking forward to some beautiful fall weather soon. It’s been a quiet month for us, after spending most of July traveling. We were able to finally complete the rest of the sidewalk between the kitchen door and the driveway. We’d poured and set the first two sections right after Carlie was born but could never complete it until we completed the driveway.

Carlie is learning to be a big help with everything and is always excited to help make supper.

Since we celebrated Donny’s birthday in South Dakota he got to open more gifts and cards from family and friends after we arrived back from our trip.

The first weekend we dug out the last of the walk area and poured the cement sides.

With all the rainy days we’ve been having it has given me some extra time to work on a few quilts.

Carlie loves to dress up and lives in her fancy dresses, pretending she is a princess everyday.

It made me smile to see them both sitting there on the couch the same way. They are so much alike.

At bedtime each night John reads the children a story and they recently began Charlotte’s Web. Carlie and Donny love the book and I hear them playing they are Wilber and Charlotte often. You can see Donny is really concerned for Wilber by the look on his face.

John finishing the walk with filling the cracks with sand.

Carlie grew zinias in her flower garden this summer and I showed her how to save the seeds from the flowers to replant.

On the day of the eclipse we packed a picnic and took our special viewing box to the park. We enjoyed a nice picnic, but the day was so hot the children couldn’t play on any of the park swings or slides without burning themselves.

As we finished our lunch we could hear the thunder off in the distance and had just enough time to finish and get back to the car.

Carlie did get a tiny glimpse of the eclipse as the moon just began to move in front of the sun. Then the ski filled with clouds and never cleared again until evening. Carlie was excited to see a tiny piece of it. John had been talking to them about the eclipse for a while and showed them what was supposed to happen.