Thanksgiving Day   |   December 13, 2017

We are so very blessed and have much to be thankful for everyday and each year I’m overwhelmed with thinking of all the Lord has blessed us with. Every night before Carlie and Donnie say their prayers I ask them to think of something they are thankful for that day. I especially emphasized this during November as we thought of Thanksgiving. A few of the things they mentioned most often were: Sunday School, Mrs. Brainard (their Sunday school teacher), our family, a nice warm place to sleep, and Miss. Mary (the librarian who reads them stories on Wednesdays). We hadn’t seen much cool weather until just before Thanksgiving Day and we were excited to start our fireplace again and have cozy mornings and evenings around the fire.

The morning before Thanksgiving we were all up early working together on baking and making treats for the next day. Carlie and Donny were very excited to help this year.

Thanksgiving Day we spent out at Aunt Pam and Uncle Jerry’s house enjoying the day with family. Carlie was so excited to go to Aunt Pam’s, especially to ride the horses, and had been asking for weeks how many days until Thanksgiving.

John took a few pictures of the cousins while they were all playing together out in the barn.

Carlie finally got her turn to ride the horse and insisted Aunt Pam let go and let her ride all by herself. She had been telling me for days before how she was not going to need help this year and could ride by herself. Thank you, Aunt Pam, for letting them ride!

Every year Grandpa Bryan does a candy hunt for the kids and while he was hiding candy Grandma and Aunt Becky kept all the cousins busy drawing hand turkeys.


Danielle made these adorable turkey treats and all the kids loved them!

Thanksgiving isn’t complete without a few late night games.

Carlie and Uncle Jerry enjoyed a late snack and a little chat.